About Us

About Restoration Body Massage

We are located at:
1000 Johnson Ferry Rd. 
Building D-110

Marietta, Ga. 30068

We provide specialized deep tissue therapy with a detailed emphasis on chronic pain, holistic health and wellness balancing, and progressive pain-free living for all clients including corporate executives, high-level professionals, and athletes whose main concern is relief from occasional pain as a result of high-impact activities and job related stress.  Within each of the services rendered by Restoration Body Massage, you will find the following :

*Chronic Pain Relief-The offering of relief from continuing or recurring pain over a prolonged period of time, caused by trauma or injury and or abnormal health conditions.  This service is unique because the residual pain signals are remedied via our customized therapy procedures.

*Holistic Health and Wellness- Restoration Body Massage is focused on the state and overall health of each client’s well being.  With a specialized focus on the success of every area of life, this service provides an impactful result on a positive mental and physical welfare.

*Progressive Pain Free Living- Restoration Body Massage provides each client with the resource to progressively relieve the body of chronic pain that creates constant  interference with every day life. Restoration Body Massage offers in-depth therapy that slowly increases the functionality of joints, muscles, and overall mental health.